The Constitution is NOT your Whipping Boy; It Seems That Nobody Cares About Everybody’s Apathy

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gun-constitution-2The Constitution is NOT political.  Our Founding and the principles behind it are not subject to “Liberal” or “Conservative” interpretation.  It Is what It Is and It Says what It Says.  It stands as the ONLY barrier to tyranny that our society has!

One of the most frightening aspects of our current and developing Political Climate is people who pontificate on issues with their pet theories that they fervently believe in and will tell you that The Constitution doesn’t matter.  These people have somehow become so convinced of their own intellectual superiority that they will tell you straight to your face that The Constitution is “out of date” or is a “living document to be changed at will”.  Yet, the vast majority of these people could not even tell you what the first 3 articles of The Constitution are about!

While maintaining a nearly complete ignorance of what The Constitution is, what it does or what it says, they fervently believe that their own theories are more relevant that whatever that whatchamacalit has in it.  They are especially fervent about regurgitating ludicrous theories that are forwarded by idiotic partisan talking heads, political “leaders” or party dogma.  This love of theory and egoism is THE ROOT of the problems going on in this country today.

The First Theory that they are willing to die on is the theory of partisanship – that whatever garbage comes from their party dogma is the “enlightened” account that must be forced upon society for the good of all.  They choose a party to align themselves with and then decide basically that no “thinker” in their party could be wrong, could do wrong or could be misguided.  They willingly and excitedly spew nonsense from these people without regard to whether it is based in fact, whether numbers and statistics back up what they are saying or even to research for 5 minutes to gain a basic education on the topic.  There is no critical thinking involved; it is difficult to critically contemplate something when you know nothing about the background on it.  Under this theory, partisan leadership is just right no matter what backing (or complete lack thereof) there is for what is being said.

The Second Theory they subscribe to is that partisan talking heads (news media, talk radio, magazine & blog-zine articles) can do no wrong.  If it was printed, said or indicated – it must be the right viewpoint to espouse (if it came from the right bloviator).  There is a ridiculous belief under this theory that extremely partisan blog-zines post articles that are based in facts, especially when they “source” those facts, usually to another caustic partisan sight, and that the articles are not simply espousing a partisan fantasy which skews everything being written.

The Third Theory they will try to beat over any objectors head is that the politicians in their party are always factual and correct in what they say publicly.  It doesn’t matter to them that nothing could be farther from the truth or that it has been demonstrated unequivocally over and over that politicians usually have no idea what they’re talking about.  If a politician says something, then they will repeat it as if it were absolutely true.

The greatest failure in all of these theories is the failure to consider motivations and the fact that political parties and the news organizations that blindly support them are seeking one thing: POWER.

One of the Founding Father’s greatest fears was power hungry politicians maneuvering to take more and more power for themselves.  Jon Adams, in describing and defending his proposal for what would become the core of our Constitution said this:

I think a people cannot be long free, nor ever happy, whose government is in one assembly. My reasons for this opinion are as follow:

  1. A single assembly is liable to all the vices, follies, and frailties of an individual; subject to fits of humor, starts of passion, flights of enthusiasm, partialities, or prejudice, and consequently productive of hasty results and absurd judgments. And all these errors ought to be corrected and defects supplied by some controlling power.
  2. A single assembly is apt to be avaricious, and in time will not scruple to exempt itself from burdens, which it will lay, without compunction, on its constituents.
  3. A single assembly is apt to grow ambitious, and after a time will not hesitate to vote itself perpetual. This was one fault of the Long Parliament; but more remarkably of Holland, whose assembly first voted themselves from annual to septennial, then for life, and after a course of years, that all vacancies happening by death or otherwise, should be filled by themselves, without any application to constituents at all.
  4. A representative assembly, although extremely well qualified, and absolutely necessary, as a branch of the legislative, is unfit to exercise the executive power, for want of two essential properties, secrecy and dispatch.
  5. A representative assembly is still less qualified for the judicial power, because it is too numerous, too slow, and too little skilled in the laws.
  6. Because a single assembly, possessed of all the powers of government, would make arbitrary laws for their own interest, execute all laws arbitrarily for their own interest, and adjudge all controversies in their own favor.
(emphasis added)
 "The Plan", The Works of John Adams Vol 4 -


How is it that people believe that their opinions on Constitutional issues have any weight when those opinions are counter to The Constitution itself?  How have we come to a place in our history where people not only have no understanding or comprehension of The Constitution or what it means?  How have we come to have a society who puts the love of their own theories above the love of Freedom and Liberty?  How have we come to have a society that literally considers the love of Freedom and Liberty to be fringe and extremist???

These are fairly easy questions to answer because the evidence of them is presented to us daily – the root cause is pure laziness and apathy.  The causal effects of this include:

  1. We are fundamentally lazy.  In a time when the sum knowledge of the world over time is available to us at the end of an internet search, we cannot be bothered to do our own investigation, usually because we are too “busy”.  We have delegated OUR Power to our Representatives and our downfall will be not checking to ensure they do not abuse that power which is not their own.
  2. We value opinions over facts.  Particularly opinions that validate our own opinion.  When opposing facts are presented to us, many people just ignore them and continue espousing the opinion based information that supports their personal theories.
  3. We value comfort over freedom, “safety” over liberty.  Many people in our society who have never in their lives had to sacrifice for the gifts of Liberty and Freedom they have inherited, are not appreciative or good stewards over those gifts.  Having never had to live under full tyranny, they literally find their freedom to be cumbersome.
  4. We lack context.  In our society, people can essentially acquire, find or get whatever they want.  We are not a people who are accustomed to having things denied us.  Therefore, we are not cautious of what could happen in the future for our failure to safeguard that which we have.  Our society does not believe that politicians would seek to become Lords over the people, they believe instead in the benevolence of those who are actively stripping freedoms from us and find those who are raising warning signs to be illogical, ill-informed, partisan as they are or just insane.
  5. We are a vicarious people.  Evidenced through near worship of celebrities, some politicians and others, we seem to live our lives vicariously through those we idolize.  Attacks on those we idolize are irrationally taken as personal attacks, disbelief in the goodness of one of those is taken as a disbelief in all goodness.

constitution-fire-525x348Those who live their lives in this manner seem to automatically believe that the rest of society operates precisely as they do.  Hence, someone who raises an issue of impugning freedom could not possibly be basing that on actual facts or reality – it goes against their theory so it must be crazy.

All of these things come together to create a society, our society, that is almost foaming at the mouth to eat itself.

One area in which this is fundamentally evident is in the celebritization of the President of the United States (POTUS).  The position of the POTUS was designed to be an administrative one. completely subject to Congress.  They were expected to execute the laws impartially and to help keep the Government small and functioning properly.  Now, the election of the POTUS has literally become a celebrity event as has the office itself.  Partisanship has become so strong with it that members of society literally think that “their team” won or lost the election.  Defense and criticism of the POTUS has become highly personal as people seem to believe that their personal theories are vicariously being carried out by the man in office.  Meanwhile, Congress – where the true power of the Government sits – runs unchecked with the general populace not even knowing who their Congressman is or how they vote on particular issues.  This results in both Congressmen and Senators being constantly re-elected even though they are absolutely failing to act in the best interest of The People.  It is truly disgusting.

There are pathetically few in this country who can explain our Founding, even fewer who can explain The Constitution and even fewer who understand and can describe our form of government and how it has worked to maintain our freedoms; in spite of those many over the years who would take it all.   ”Liberalism” or “Conservatism” partisan perspectives can only be applied to laws that are made within the confines of what the Constitution allows.  We are still a Republic (barely) in as much as The Constitution is upheld and puts in check any partisan usurpation from egoists who hold their vapid theories above the rights of others.  As Obama stated last year: “As it turns out, The Founding Fathers put a system in place that makes it hard to enact change.”

The Constitution is the bulwark that blocks power hungry would-be tyrants from making themselves kings over us.  It is THE MOST relevant document in our lives; for without it, we would be subjects to a king in less than a generation.  It is the Supreme Law of our Land and the Foundation of our Republic.  In its purity, it is fully capable of doing its job (consequently, the only reason governments exist): Ensuring to The People (us) the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The glut of un-Constitutional law that surrounds it have worked to literally start tearing shreds in it.  Our unwillingness to defend it to the end will do nothing but ensure that it is shred into some unrecognizable form and we will find ourselves to be slaves.

Anyone, and this means literally ANYONE, who spews anti-Constitutional policy and particularly those who rail against the existence of The Constitution and say it should be changed or that it should be done away with are Traitors.  They are Traitors to Liberty, Freedom, The People, The Constitution and to The United States of America for they, in their arrogance and massive egoism, believe that they have developed theories which are more valid than The Constitution.

There is nobody, and this means literally NOBODY, on the face of this planet who has more education and experience with political development than the Founding Fathers had.  Not only did they know and were ruled by a tyrannical king and parliament,  they had a unique in the history of the world microcosm of 13 colonies to test, experiment and improve on actual implemented government.  They became the authorities on Civic Development and to this day, they are STILL the authorities.  Examine the proposals of any of those who are espousing eradicating The Constitution and you will ultimately find at the root of it core fallacies that aim to serve their personal ends.  You will find the same with our Founding and with The Constitution itself – at the root of it are the Founding Fathers aiming to serve their personal ends.  The primary difference however, is that their objective was to establish a system that kept The People free and ensured their Liberty.

There is no doubt, now as there was none in 1776, that politicians seek power and that they will seek to Lord over us.  Adams list is already being fulfilled: #1 can be seen in the many laws that are responding to a specific event (Patriot Act, current Firearm witch hunt).  #2 can be seen by looking at Congresses healthcare and pay systems.  #3 will occur as soon as we let it!

It is high time that those who are ignorant of The Constitution become familiar with it – especially if they wish to continue speaking politically.  It is high time that we demand that our elected servants uphold The Constitution – which means not proposing, supporting or validating any legislation that works against it.  It is high time that we Draw Our Line and tell our elected representatives that their abuses will no longer be tolerated!

We, The People, are the ONLY ones who can stand up and protect our Liberty and Freedom!  It is up to us to quit being so “busy”, distracted and uninterested and STAND UP and shout “NO MORE”!

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