Guns are the Problem – Only if you Willfully Ignore Everything Else and Deny that Criminals are the Problem

Jan 18th, 2013 | By | Category: Amendment 2 - Arms, Andrew Cuomo, Government, Lead, News

hammerinside1While the Obama Regime and their Liberal turncoat counterparts are beating their war-drums against Guns, Criminals continue to use every means available to them to add to our 1.2 million violent crimes per year – of which only 1/3 are committed with a firearm.

Just THIS Week:

ALASKA: Man Robs Bank with Hammer

PHILADELPHIA: Man Brutally Beats Women with Fists and then Throws Her onto the Subway

NEW JERSEY: Man Stabs Woman, Puncturing Both Her Lungs, Over a Dozen Times In Bed, Bath and Beyond

TEXAS: Dallas Robber Slashes Clerks Throat Then Beats Him With Multiple Hammers

KENTUCKY: Two Female Attackers Slash Woman’s Face with Razor Multiple Times

The only Gun Problem in all of these cases: The VICTIMS did not have a gun!  Simply showing possession of a Firearm in these types of cases often causes the Assailant to disengage and take off.  Only one thing is certain if you are un-armed: If you are attacked, you WILL be the victim.  Guns are not called the great equalizer for nothing.

Meanwhile this week:

OKLAHOMA: 12 Year Old Girl Shoots Intruder

TEXAS: Man Holds Burglar at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

INDIANA: Homeowner Shoots Robbers, Holds One at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

TEXAS: Homeowner Shoots Burglars, Kills One

PHILADELPHIA: Homeowner Shoots Intruder


All the while, the idiotic Governor and Legislature of New York was scrambling to pass ridiculous laws limiting magazines to 7 bullets and banning so-called Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Rifles – just because they are ridiculously paranoid, uninformed and scared of their own shadow.

They were in such a hurry to pass the “Emergency” Legislation that they forgot to exempt their Police Officers - successfully turning thousands of civilians and their entire Police Force into Criminals overnight with their draconian and authoritarian stupidity.

The good thing about the New York Laws?  Gun Control advocates can no longer claim that “They aren’t after our guns”.



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