Why do Liberal Politicians Refuse to do Anything about Mass Murders like Sandy Hook?

Jan 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Barrack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Lead, On Political Rhetoric
p011613lj-01598The current push for gun control is a complete farce – the American public is being lied to and taken advantage of.  The current rhetoric is entirely fear based – focusing on inciting the fear of the general and ignorant American Public.  And it is working, ridiculously well.  It is being led by politicians and fueled by the ignorant masses who blindly and willfully parrot those in partisan power whom they believe wouldn’t deceive them.  This class of American’s who view politics as some sort of “game” that they are “winning” are doing very little more than hastening their own downfall.  Once those who seek power have gained the next level, they will (as history demonstrates) eat their own – just as recently happened when paychecks were suddenly cut short due to Obama allowing Middle Class – and well, everyone’s – taxes to increase; regardless of his empty promises.
Those making statements, especially about banning “large (actually, standard) capacity magazines” or “scary black military looking” semi-automatic rifles” in order to “Protect the Children” are not only buying-in to the absolute fear-based hype currently being perpetuated by the media and politicians – it is also coming from a completely uneducated, uninformed and absolutely ignorant basis.
If any of these people who feign such deep concern were actually concerned about “the children” enough to look into facts, they would be astonished at the reality of the situation and, if they have any intellectual integrity, ashamed of making ludicrous statements like “nobody should own one of these guns” as if they – or the government – have any basis or authority to actually make that statement.
How dare anyone arbitrarily “decide” for someone else what they are allowed to own?  Is this not America?  How is there absolutely ZERO accountability put on these people – who are calling to strip Americans of their freedoms – to justify, quantify, qualify or in any way whatsoever to establish or tie ANY kinds of facts to their ludicrous statements?  The arrogance to make condemning statements based on pure ignorance is astounding.  You would be hard pressed to find another topic of significant impact where people are comfortable making authoritative and condemning statements regarding something they know absolutely nothing about.
If people, politicians especially, were actually concerned about the safety and well-being of our children, they would demand that any proposed solution actually demonstrate its propensity and likelihood to actually remedy any part of the situation or to show that it in some way addressed a recurrent problem and how it would resolve it.  While several things presented by the administration today will have a positive impact; specifically requiring actual enforcement of existing laws, others are based in fear and other emotion and have no actual merit or potential to effect any change on the problem (again, have you EVER seen any actual data to support ANY of these claims?).  Specifically banning any kind of rifle or magazine size.  Those two proposals are so completely ridiculous in the context of the stated problem (that some kids were killed by a mad-man while at school) that every person even somewhat educated on the issue scoffs at them.
To wit: 1) the vast majority of “mass murders” are not committed with an AR15 variant or with large magazines 2)Actual magazine size has such a minimal impact on the number of rounds a shooter is able to fire that it is ineffectual – a magazine can be easily changed in less than 3 seconds 3) Of 1 million violent crimes last year, 300k of them involved a firearm, 8k of them resulted in someone being killed in 323 of them, a rifle was used (AR style rifles are a subset of that) 4) With well over 180 million firearms in the US, LESS THAN .005% of them were used in the commission of a crime – meaning that more than 99.99% of the firearms in the US were NOT used to commit a crime  5) Firearms are used over 180k times per year to stop/prevent a crime from occurring 6) All except ONE of the mass murders that have occurred in the last 20 years (since Columbine, during the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban) have occurred in “Gun Free Zones” 7) In an enclosed environment, such as a school, with a guarantee of no defenders, an experienced shooter would just as likely select a shotgun with 00 buck over a handgun or rifle of any type as the most damage inducing firearm. AR15 style usage is purely due to movie and video game mimicry, not on what is most damaging.  8) An AR15 using .223 is low lethality system – this is why kids at Newtown were shot multiple times and why so many injured in Aurora were non-fatalities.  Had a high-fatality inducing firearm been used in these scenarios things would have been much worse.  Had they been done by someone who actually knew what they were doing – they would have been devastating.
AR15 rifles are the very least of our violent crime issues – to the point that they are basically statistical anomalies.  Magazine Capacity is not a factor in any of this.  The overwhelming majority of firearms in this country are never used to commit a crime but are frequently used to prevent them.  The few THOUSANDTH of a percent of firearms that are used to commit crimes are……. done by criminals.
Simple deductive logic provides many immediate potential solutions that actually address the stated problem – keeping criminals in jail, executing murderers, getting rid of “Gun Free Zones” or “Federally Mandated Free Killing Zones” – let it be known that some teachers MAY be armed in schools as a deterrent, posting armed guards at schools, curtailing promotion of violence in entertainment as fun, cool and exciting, identifying and securing those who are known to be mentally unstable and potentially dangerous….
Lawful and trained gun owners do not commit these crimes, yet they are the ones being targeted and punished – WHY IS THAT?
For those claiming that “gun bans aren’t being discussed” you are demonstrating even more ignorance and the fact that you are new to this discussion.  Those who are creating these bills, proposals and rhetoric that have no basis in “protecting children” are merely using the most recent crisis to forward the agendas they are well on record as promoting.  All the chief “gun control” leaders have stated that a gun ban is their goal; Feinstein in particular.
To state that the current actions and proposals are not steps to a gun ban is to be in complete ignorance.  To claim or to support the claim that any of these gun control measures are to “Protect the Children” or to “Prevent recurrences of mass murders in the future” is to be in absolute ignorance.  To call for the infringement of an American Right based on emotional responses without insisting on a Factual Basis for the proposed legislation is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE.
Responsible Americans who wake up to these facts are asking themselves, “Why won’t Liberal Politicians do Something to Actually HELP our Children avoid Mass Murders in the Future?”
To not ask the question: “If these gun bans are not to “protect the kids”, then why is the Federal Government trying to disarm Americans?” is to be completely UN-AMERICAN!

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