Rifles – One of the Least Preferred Weapons of Murderers – One of the Most Victimized Guns by Politicians

Jan 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Amendment 2 - Arms

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There is absolutely no Factual Basis to ban AR-15 style Rifles!

Not once has any Gun Control Advocate or Politician provided any factual information to support their emotional attack on 10′s of millions of law-abiding Americans!

Rifles were used 323 times to Murder in 2011 making them one of the LEAST used murder weapons in the country!  Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of firearms and 10′s of millions of rifles were safely kept by Americans and prevented from committing any crimes whatsoever.

In fact – Firearms were used to PREVENT crime 7 Times for every time they were used to murder. (Facts endorsed by the Federal Government AND the BRADY Group!)

Why are the 99.99% of Responsible, Legal Gun Owners under direct attack for something they did not do?

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