Rifles – A Statistic Anomaly in the commission of Violent Crime!

Jan 17th, 2013 | By | Category: Amendment 2 - Arms


28% of Violent Crimes Used a Firearm in 2011

3.1% of Violent Crimes using a Firearm in 2011 Resulted in Murder

3.3% of Violent Crimes Using a Firearm Resulting in Murder in 2011 used a Rifle


.03% of Violent Crimes used a Rifle

And you want to ban my Rifle?


99.99% of the 283 Million Firearms in the US were used in a Crime – why do Politicians and Newsmen want to attack me for keeping my Firearms safely?

I need my Semi-Automatic, Magazine Fed Rifle to protect my family and home from Murderers, Rapists, Robbers and other Criminals.  I am not a Slave, I have done nothing wrong.  I do not deserve to be punished because of the mis-deeds of others and to assuage your feelings.  I am an American.

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