Where is YOUR Line in the Sand?

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patriotslinelogoThe Founding Fathers knew where their Line in the Sand was – and King George crossed it.  Like many citizens today, they had sought redress; they petitioned the king repeatedly – only to be refused and injured further.  Finally, enough was enough and they drew up The Declaration of Independence.  In doing so, they literally called out the largest and most dangerous military in the world.  They branded themselves traitors, criminals – their actions, would today be called “terrorism”.  

Nonetheless, they had had enough.  They knew  where their Line in the Sand was – and it had been crossed and the offender had set up camp on their side in defiance.  Each of them had a different line, or rather lines that were tolerable and those which were absolutely intolerable.  It was not until enough people had had their lines of intolerability crossed that they reached a group large enough to make a difference.  So, what types of lines did they draw?  Let’s make a short list from our instructive on the Declaration of Independence:

  • He continuously vetoed laws that the colonies attempted to put in place that they believed were needed.
  • Certain kinds of laws passed by the Colonial assemblies were required to be submitted to the king for approval
  • As populations grew larger and new, large, communities formed;  the king refused to allow them equal representation in government
  • If a Colonial Assembly did or issued something the king did not like (such as charges against him), he ordered the body dissolved and refused to acquiesce to charges or demands.
  • After dissolving their governments, he refused to allow new ones to be elected
  • The king refused Assent to Laws regarding immigration.  He hindered immigration from England and refused to cooperate in furthering the growth of the Colonies
  • The king created several new government officials including: customs officials, new offices to collect tax and tax collectors and courts of admiralty that were not approved by colonial legislatures and were therefore illegitimate.
  • Throughout England and America, standing armies had long been regarded a danger which required close supervision. Without the consent of the Colonists, the king sent armies to keep order in the colonies, even though there was no war.
  • Soldiers were not subject to civil laws.  The military could make up and try their own laws.
  • Closing the Boston Port – Controlling Imports/Exports
  • Taxing in many Acts and methods that were implemented without representation of the colonist
  • In many cases there were no trials at all; the king decided they were guilty and punished them
  • People accused of crimes could be taken far way to be “tried” even when the case was very weak.
  • The king abolished laws, suspended legislatures and declared himself to legislate for them
  • The king had essentially declared war on the colonists by burning towns.  The British considered the colonists in open rebellion against their lawful rulers.
  • The king had hired foreign troops to come in and fight against the colonists
  • The king provoked the indians to attack the colonists

Does it seem like you could quickly find a lot of parallels there?  You weren’t imagining it.

founding_fathers_shooting_postersThe Founding Fathers would be Shooting by Now.

The Declaration of Independence secures our Right and Duty to change out a government that is no longer protecting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  But it also instructs us to be prudent and long suffering under Tyranny.  How long is long enough?  How much abuse must we suffer under a government that becomes continuously oppressive?

Now, I’m not suggesting we’re there – perhaps not by a long shot.  What I’m suggesting is that you put some thought into this.  Where is YOUR Line?  At what point, for you, is there enough evidence of “a long train of abuses and usurpations evinces a design to reduce you under absolute Despotism”?

Do you know?  Have you seriously thought about it?  If not, when will you decide to consider it and decide where your line is?  If you don’t know where your line is now, it just might be long crossed by the time you decide to figure it out.  We can tell a lot about where your line is NOT.

It’s NOT at the 4th Amendment – The TSA, NDAA and The Patriot Act would have got you up if that was so.

It’s NOT at the 6th Amendment – NDAA, Civilian Kill lists and Domestic Predator Drones would have gotten you up.

It’s NOT at the 8th Amendment – NDAA would have gotten you up there too

It’s NOT at the 5th – we haven’t been able to actually own property for a long time

It’s not balancing the budget, keeping the deficit controlled, spending tax money wisely and carefully, enforcing immigration laws, honesty with the public, responsible welfare programs….

Is it the 2nd?  We all know that right now the 2nd is in peril.  Right now they want to register your guns.  Will you?  What Feinstein wants to put in place would potentially lead to confiscations.  What will you do when they come for you?  Do we wait until that point?

Where is the Line?  Over what issue, what violation of rights, are we willing to band together and stand up for each other and tell them: “You will NOT Cross this Line” “You will not hold this man in jail, release him now”.  How much suffering are you willing to undergo while your rights are whittled away from beneath you?

The Founding Fathers knew where their Line was.  The Egyptians, Grecians, Libyans – they all seem to have known where there Line was to some extent.

We don’t have a whole lot left – at this rate, when we go to draw the Line it will be with us on the wrong side of it.

What is a Patriot to do?  They’ve already positioned the public to consider us stupid idiot red-necks for even saying the word Liberty.  The liberal masses will mock us and verbally stone us for standing up.  They’ve so successfully uneducated the general public that they don’t even know The Constitution, their basic rights – they don’t know much anymore beyond what the media tells them – and the media will tell them we’re “right wing nut jobs”.  We won’t have the support of the general public at all – it’ll just be us.  So it would be beneficial to do it all together.

Where is that Line?


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